Designing Interactive Multiple Choice Questions with PowerPoint

Written By Juhernaidi on Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011 | 11:57:00 PM

After a long ga online, many comments and one of them from the dad IG (I intentionally inisialkan) who still managed to notice the writings on the blog on Media Physics, which asks about how to create multiple choice questions on the PowerPoint if you clicked the wrong answer then comes the sentence "You Wrong Answer" and if you click the correct answer appears the text "Your Answer True".

The main principle the answer to the question above is 2, namely:
(1) Animation
(2) Trigger Button

For more details, please refer to the steps below:

  1. Write about the text box facility
  2. Write down the answer (A, B, C, and D) respectively using a text box, say the answer A, B, and C is the wrong answer and the answer D is correct answer.
  3. Enter the text "wrong answer" by using the text box (adjust the position under options A, B, C, and D)
  4. Give the text box animation effects "wrong answer" to the animated entrance (entrance) and select appear (make-entrance animation effects appear as much as 3, remember that the multiple choice questions there is only one correct answer)
  5. Write text "right answer" by using the text box and provide entrance animation effects-appear (just one)
  6. Animation effects are, now proceed to give the function button (trigger), surely you already know the answers wrong (A, B, and C) and the right is D. (I suppose)
  7. Notice in the dialog box animation effects there was an entrance animation effect of 4-appear
  8. Choose text animation effects "Best of" first and then click the arrow next to last up option, please select "Timing"
  9. Dialog box appears, please click the trigger and click the circle to the two "Start effect on click of"
  10. Please search text box answer A. ... (A is the wrong answer) and end with the click Ok
  11. Repeat steps 7-9 to create a trigger button on the answers B and C with animated effects "wrong answer" that appeared 3 option buttons "wrong answer"
  12. One remaining entrance animation effects-appear from the text "right answer", to make the trigger buttons do the same thing (steps 7-9) by selecting the answer button D. ... and the final click OK.
  13. Finished, please first test by pressing F5 and please click on the answers and see if the text "wrong answer" appears when clicked the wrong answer or text appear "right answer" if you clicked the right answer.
The problem is, all the warning appears so confusing answers where the answer is right or wrong, to remove the reprimand "wrong answer" if it's found the right so that only a reprimand "right answer" that appears, you should add animation effects exit (Exit-Disapper) in the following manner this:
  1. Choose the text box "wrong answer" and give-Exit animation effects and place Disapper this animation effects on trigger "right answer" at the top position of the text animation effects "right answer"
  2. Add animation effects of the text box "right answer" to the Exit-Disapper effect 3 times, and for sharing this animai effect on the trigger button the wrong answer (A, B, and C), its position on top of each animation effects Entrance -appear.
  3. Add animation effects-Disapper Exit from the text "wrong answer" and "right answer" and his position should not be shifted
  4. Change all star animation effect to With Previous
  5. Done

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