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SKL 5 - Indicator 5.4 Magnetic Induction

Stepping into the SKL 5.4, this time sharing blog will discuss and learn about electromagnetic induction. SKL is actually fairly easy compared to other SKL. Why?

Well, so here. Given the problems that the indicator is expected out by the magnetic induction around the current carrying wire, so the concept is only two. Wire straight or coiled wire. Usually accompanied by him in accordance with the concept of right-hand rule.

Ya! Do not forget also the right-hand rule .... To type is expected because a simple count. The concept is clear, the solution simply substitute into the concept or formula alone. Usually the numbers used do not have the original numbers that exist in the matter, but merely an important leading figures only. Alias ​​enough to use only guesstimate ... :)

Well, the smart module solution physics this time we will discuss the problems associated with some of the quick way which is based on the basic concepts of physics.

Module summary and discussion of smart materials solution this time contain material SKL 5 indicator 5.4 Magnetic Induction:

- Magnetic induction in a straight wire or short-term

- Magnetic Induction in the center or axis of a circular wire

- Right-hand rule or rules to determine the direction of the magnetic induction

This smart solution file includes National Exam questions in the years preceding discussion is accompanied by fast way superkilat tricks and smart solution.

For younger siblings and teachers who need file Smart Solution as a companion to deal with high school Physics Problem National Examination 2013 can be downloaded at the link below:
Smart Solution UN Fisika SMA 2013 (SKL 5 - Indikator 5.4 Induksi Magnetik)

When the brothers want to see it directly in this blog, here's a view file Smart Solution UN High School Physics 2013 (SKL 5 - Indicator 5.4 Magnetic Induction) younger siblings can enjoy ....

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